ReadMyRhythm launches mobile app for ECG interpretation.

Crowd Hub has partnered with Read My Rhythm to develop first of its kind mobile app for ECG interpretation from a physician. Using cloud-based technology, ReadMyRhythm gives consumers wearing ECG capturing devices immediate access to a physician for interpretation through their phone. Capture your recording, upload to ReadMyRhythm and get the insight you need on your heart arrhythmia now. It’s that simple.

Features and highlights:

  • All ECG’s are stored in a secure HIPPA compliant manner that can be shared with your physician at any time.
  • Use ECG reading from your wearable device or upload your reading directly to the app.
  • Created by professional cardiologists, so you know that you are getting accurate interpretations every time.
  • Additionally, patients receive a general explanation with follow up guidance for their ECG recording.

Download ReadMyRhythm from the App Store and Google Play.