Developed in just 100 days, JUNO had communities signing up to use the software even before launch. Why?   

From mainstage to exhibitors to breakout sessions and more, JUNO has created the best virtual conference software on the market, focused on creating digital events with a lasting impact. A not-so-bad new reality.

We have liftoff.

JUNO has already brought together tens of thousands of people together from dozens of brands across the globe in only a few months.

Dr. Fauci Reaches 10k Frontline Healthcare Workers on JUNO

The American College of Emergency Physicians hosted their ‘Unconventional’ annual conference on JUNO. Kicking off their event with keynote speaker Dr. Anthony Fauci. Read more.

Behind the Digital Curtain at Convening Leaders 2021

A big takeaway for PCMA beyond being event planners, for CL21 “you were also web designers,” Foley, Head of Relationships at JUNO said recently. Read more.

Associations With No Place to Meet Are Turning to JUNO

With JUNO, users generate higher levels of happiness, intrigue, and excitement resulting in desires to engage further and stay involved longer. Read more.

JUNO Partners with ACEP for their 'Unconventional' Virtual Event

This one-of-a-kind experiences featuring main stage presentations and breakout sessions where users can participate in live question and answer, chat, and networking with other attendees. Read more.

LifeWay hosts First-Ever Digital Conference with Partner JUNO

LifeWay, one of the largest Christian resource organizations in the world, successfully hosted the 2020 REACH Conference on October 13th and 14th featuring an entirely digital experience. Read more.

Online Event Platform, JUNO Officially Launches

“With the new age of mobile technology, geographical barriers are no longer an obstacle for achieving community. We believe the time is now to maximize the opportunity to totally transform live events.” Read more.

Features communities love.

Custom Onboarding

Learn more about your users from the start with an onboarding process tailored to their interests and needs.

Customized Course Builder

Introduce and reinforce organizational goals and objectives by guiding members through your own custom courses.

Content Library

Transform your one-time event into an everyday experience with your own content library featuring live and pre-recorded content.

Insights & Analytics

Stop worrying about how your event is performing and see for yourself with instant feedback and real-time analytics.

Rewards & Recognition

Create fun challenges to increase participation during sessions with sponsors or even showcase your leaderboard live.

Live Q&A, Polls and Surveys

You know that feeling when a keynote speaker answers your question in front of everyone? Yeah, kinda feels like that.