Innovation v. Reimagination

As many companies start to think about life and business after COVID-19, one thing is true there will be a ‘New Normal.’ So, what will that look like?

In every industry, every company large or small there are leaders trying to answer this question. What will the new normal look like for us? Having the right process will be key to answering this question. 

When looking into the future, trying to create a new product or solution to a problem, we start to think about innovation and what we must ‘create’ that is new or a different enough to stand out. However, before we can innovate, we must re-imagine what that future looks like.

In a recent webinar, Crowd Hub CEO, Josh Hotsenpiller chatted with Jeff Campbell, former Global CEO of Burger King. As they discussed the topic of ‘Leading Through Crisis,’ they discussed the differences between Innovation and Reimagination and how they both have an impact on future plans.

Campbell states; “We can imagine enough of it (the new normal) to start our innovation track down the road- it’s an innovation based on a partial reimagining.” Hotsenpiller then sums up this insight by saying; “Reimagination is what will be. Innovation is the solution to what will be.” 

These words from Hotsenpiller and Campbell are helpful to anyone trying to understand what the future is going to look like and how to best adapt, so they can not only survive, but they can thrive in it. 

It is clear that the world is changing, and that businesses will also change dramatically as a result. As we embrace this change, let reimagination be the first step out of the past and away from the structures and business models that we have become accustomed to. Let us start to dream and think outside the box of what could be. Then, let us creatively innovate solutions for our ‘New Normal.’

Want to hear more from this Webinar? Check out the recording HERE