HP Indigo Boost

This one-stop-shop platform contains all product collateral materials, product and segment presentations, news updates, event photos, videos, and decks, CI information, and everything sales people need to thrive in the field and potential customers need to make a purchase decision.

Through up to date product presentations, success stories, news updates from HP and information of top competitors, HP employees are able to stay ahead of the curve and feel equipped to close a deal.

By rewarding actions through a global leaderboard and experience points, users are inclined to come back to Boost daily and make learning a fun and competitive experience.

Connecting a Growing Global Community

An investment in technology is an investment in culture.

As a company with thousands of employees all over the globe, HP dreamed of a way for their team to be able to access resources in a timely fashion, while still being able to connect with one another. 

Every sales team member felt isolated––they needed a way to collaborate and build community to maximize productivity on all fronts.

Let’s Ask the Audience

“The leaderboard inspires the best work from my team.”

— Sales Manager, HP

“Very easy-to-use and highly informative.”

— Mahesh Bharadwaj

“FINALLY a one stop shop for information I need.”

— Becky Day

Central Library

Teams are equipped with a central library training and ongoing resources to keep teams aligned.

Comparison Tools

Through the comparison tool, sales reps increase their industry knowledge through side-by-side comparisons of their own products vs. competitors including highlights, specs, prices, and selling points.


Boost offers a gamified experience that rewards users for viewing, downloading, and sharing content