Communication is the only way through.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘new normal’ by now. 

At Crowd Hub, we believe that’s a lie. This will never be or feel normal. Instead, our team has been framing it as a ‘new reality.’ What’s the difference? 

Normal – conforming to a standard.

Reality – a thing that exists in fact, having only previously existed in one’s mind.

Giving COVID-19 credit as ‘the standard’ just isn’t right. Instead, the reality is there’s a difference between conforming because it’s ‘the standard’ versus responding because it’s what is in front of us

You’ve probably had to cancel or postpone important gatherings. Maybe started working out of your garage while your spouse is working in the spare bedroom. Even more likely have had to face the difficult decision to cut back your expenses, including your largest one-people.

If you’re like most businesses, your service or offering has been severely limited due to constraints on social interaction, transportation, etc. So what’s the next best thing you can do?


Consumers’ attention isn’t just spread thin, it’s totally gone. So that means our typical ways of marketing and communicating our products and services have to change. Not forever. But for now.

So what should we do?

Put Yourself in Your Customers Shoes

Are you working from home? You better be. Are you reading your email updates from other companies about COVID? You should. The only way you’ll know how to feel and respond in a way that resonates with your audience, is to adapt to their environment as soon as possible. Right now, empathy wins. 

‘Non-Essential’ Applies to Your Communication Strategy

Take a look at all your communications: email, sales pipelines, social media, etc. What is essential right now? Eliminate everything else. If you sell a suite of products, only focus on the most important one. How do you know what’s best? It’s the one that helps people right now.

This includes cleaning up your old marketing campaigns and any language on your website and social media. If it doesn’t apply right now, remove or replace. 

Don’t Add. Optimize.

Does your organization send out case studies or blogs regularly? Stop. Take time to whip these up in the form of a live video on social media, youtube or conferencing platform. People are seeking out connection in the form of faces and voices. The reality is your articles and blogs are getting tuned out by the voices of others. 

This isn’t a new concept. Data shows that when readers know the voice of the author, they are more likely to engage again and again with their content-whether written or audio. If empathy is King, familiarity is Queen.

When in Doubt, Help. 

If your company paused for a week to come up with a simple, clear and relevant way to offer help, not offer something new to sell – what could you come up with? Check out startup Mirakl (Yeah, like Miracle on Ice. Just French.) They created an essentials marketplace in a week. No one asked them to, but they knew their framework could offer help, not boost profits.

Don’t Reserve Your Budget. Deploy It.

Are you burying your already allocated marketing dollars in the office basement? Bad idea. The market won’t discriminate based on how frugal you are or aren’t being. Instead, be tactful and wise. Analyze your most important offering, communicate it clearly and consistently where your users are and expect movement. Scared money don’t make money.

Lastly, Look for Help.

Here’s a reality that’s always been true – we don’t all have the capacity (or capability) to do marketing and design campaigns very well or in short-turn around times. As always, we are here to help in these cases. No, we aren’t superheroes. Instead, our team has cut the non-essentials and focused on helping organizations like you sur-thrive. 

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