9 Tricks to Get App Downloads up!

App Store Optimization

Many organizations spend all their time creating an amazing app and little time focusing on getting it launched and downloaded. App Store Optimization (ASO) improvesapp visibility within the app stores and increases app conversion rates. ASO focuses on click-through rates. This means having the right images, keywords, and descriptors to convince people to click on your app store listing once they find it. Crowd Hub helps you do this by optimizing your App Name, App Title, App Icon, App Screenshots, and App Rating.

Automating Messenger

Create automated engagement with conversational workflows that lead to app downloads. Adding a Twitter bot and a Facebook bot can also help drive thousands of conversations toward app downloads. AI is getting so good that it’s harder to tell who is real and who isn’t online these days; smart companies use that to their advantage. 

Facebook and Google App Install Ads

Do you want more app downloads? Facebook could help you out. With its humongous reach at 1.4 billion monthly users globally, Facebook is one of the go-to places for business owners and marketers when promoting anything. Next, add Google, and you’ll have the rest of practically all possible users sewn up. With both Facebook and Google, you can get very specific in who you target, which means a higher ROI.

InMobi Appographic Targeting

InMobi is a service that allows marketers to target audiences with advertising based on individual interests. While that may sound familiar, InMobi’s technology goes beyond basic grouping like “twenty-something females who like RPGs.” Instead, it leverages insights that look at what individuals actually download and use. Appographic Targeting then combines those insights with its analytics to push your app in front of the absolute best audience. 

Twitter App Install Ads

On Twitter app install ads display in the user’s home feed in what Twitter calls an “App Card”. Twitter is all about what’s happening right now, more than any other ad network out there. Besides targeting and hashtag targeting via Twitter, one can also target users that have installed apps in similar categories as yours, and overall this targeting works very well.

Apple Store Search Campaigns

Marketers have eagerly been embracing Apple Search Ads as a prime channel to promote their apps. An uptick in the adoption is not surprising because Apple boasts an average conversion rate of 50%. 

More than that, when you market via this ad network, you engage users in the most common app discovery environment: 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps, generating 65% of all app installs while doing so. There is no better advertising placement for an app to make a hit. Apple Search Ads also gives access to high-quality users with high intent to download and be further engaged.

Driving Reviews

There are several turn-key plugins available for iOS and Android that make it super simple to prompt the user to review your app. Many apps make the mistake of asking for reviews upon the user launching the app. Unfortunately, this makes for a poor user experience. The more reviews your app has, the higher up in the search results it climbs.


On Reddit, users create discussions related to their concerns, and people comment on those threads. In other situations, they can even share interesting articles or images. The condition is to provide useful content for the other ones who follow their actions. Reddit consists of subreddits which are communities built around a specific topic. It means that you can find here people discussing absolutely anything. Keep commenting, and watch your Reddit credibility score increase. Reddit is a niche platform, but costs per install can be budget-friendly.


Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a key part of any app marketer’s toolbox. It aims to re-engage with existing app users across paid and owned channels to help drive loyalty. With most apps losing 95% of their users within the first 30 days, remarketing becomes vitally important in the fight against churn, as its cost is much lower than the cost of user acquisition.

Bonus Tip

Hire someone to do it all for you. Knowing all the ins and outs of developing and marketing your app can be overwhelming for anyone. Crowd Hub wants to do it all for you. We understand the critical role of apps in bringing your community together as well as generating sales. Make sure you invest in an experienced, creative, and resourceful mobile app developer

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