4 Ways Your Competitors are Using Apps to Beat You

There is almost no industry where mobile apps and digital web-services haven’t proved their marketing value or established themselves fundamental for effective communication with target customers.

They Know a Website Creates Awareness, And Their App Makes The Sale

When potential customers require a product or service, they will be more likely to look it up on their smartphone than on a laptop. 

Research reveals that most searches are made on-the-go while traveling, socializing, and waiting for appointments rather than during leisure-time, where one has access to the laptop or desktop system.

As apps are quicker, more interactive, and easier to navigate than websites, the availability of an app for your business will probably nudge the customer to choose you for their purchase. The gist of it is that websites help to create brand awareness, mainly through social media, but apps are where most of the sales happen.

They Can Talk to Customers Directly Whenever They Want

Mobile applications have proven to be quick and effective in engaging customer interest and communicating product launches, new services, promotional offers, improved features, and discounted rates.

These direct communications also bring valuable information such as demographics, geographical locations, and shopping behavior regarding your products and services, helping you understand the market demand and better your sales and marketing strategies.

They Know an Engaged Customer is A Lifelong Customer

While business-to-customer communication is essential for marketing, reverse communication is equally important to maintain customer loyalty. Customers love it when their concerns and complaints are heard out and resolved with minimal lag time and this, in turn, helps businesses build brand loyalty. This is where apps come into the picture. They help to maintain this critical relationship through the online help desk and support systems.

The increased accessibility to products/services combined with reduced cost is the cherry on the cake in customer engagement.

Their App Helps Them Stand Out From The Crowd

I cannot overemphasize an app’s importance in getting your business to stand out from your competitors. At this point, apps are still a rare thing, and by having one for your business, you can grab the attention of potential customers and capture a large part of the market share. By the time your competitors catch on, you would have effectively increased customer engagement and built strong customer loyalty. And this leads to sales. 

The Fifth Element

Now that you understand the critical role of apps in bringing in sales make sure you invest in an experienced, creative, and resourceful mobile app developer

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